Tourist tax

The Tourist Tax
City tax introduced by the Law of 13 April 1910 used to finance the development of our station through the promotion, retention and expansion of tourism-related infrastructure.
In your capacity as host you have to collect the proceeds of the Tourist tax in accordance with the Municipal Decree on behalf of the city of Fréjus and the Var General Council.
The tax collection period in Frejus is from 1 January to 31 December.

Who pays the tourist tax?
Persons not domiciled in the municipality and are not having a right to residence which they are liable for council tax. That is to say, those staying in hotels, villas and furnished apartments, B & Bs, campgrounds, tourisms residences, holiday villages, lodges, hostels, ports … ..

How do you calculate the tourist tax?
Rates are set by the municipality, referring to a national scale, depending on the type and category of the establishment. They must be posted in the facility.

Rates are per person per night.

Are exempt from tax:

– Minors

– Holders of a seasonal work contract employees in the municipality

– Persons receiving emergency accommodation or temporary relocation




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