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Mémorial de l’Armée Noire (Black Army Memorial) (handi)

Boulevard de la Libération
This monument was inspired by the monumental sculpture set up in Reims, France, built from the same mould as the one in Bamako, a memorial honouring the “Tirailleurs sénégalais” (Senegalese infantrymen).

Memorial of Black Army
Black Army Memorial © Felix /

Mémorial des Guerres en Indochine (Indochina War Memorial) (handi)

Avenue du Général d’Armée Calliès
Tel/Fax: + 33 (0)

Located on the site of the former GALLIÉNI military camp, where the Indo-Chinese infantrymen had stayed, this circular memorial designed by architect Bernard Desmoulin symbolises both the journey of life and the military zone inspired by tribal spiritual circles.

Toute l’année 10 h 00 – 17 h 30 – Fermé le mardi
Fermeture annuelle 01/01 – 01/05 – 25/12.
Entrée libre.

memorial of Indochina war
Indochina war Memorial © Felix /

Mosquée Soudanaise ou Missiri

Avenue du Musée des Troupes de Marine

This prestigious monument is a replica of the Sudanese mosque (“missiri” in Bambara) of Djenné and was built in 1930 following the pagoda by the Senegalese infantrymen. For them, it was a source of pride that restored a clean atmosphere to heal those who were “homesick”.
Owned by the Ministry of Defence, the monument, visible from the outside, is open to the public from 1 July to the 3rd weekend of September.

Sudanese mosque Missiri
Sudanese mosque Missiri © Felix /

Musée des Troupes de Marine


Avenue du Musée des Troupes de Marine
Tél. + 33 (0)4 94 17 87 82

Museum of history, science and technology, military arts and traditions as well as human adventure, this French institution is a wonderful place to visit for people of all ages. The Troupes de Marine Museum is an illustrated expression of the history of the “troupes colonials” and the “troupes de marine” from the time of Richelieu to today through its various collections, archives and images.

Du 1er octobre au 31 mai de 14 h 00 à 18 h 00
Fermé le mardi et le samedi.

Du 1er juin au 30 septembre de 10 h 00 à 12 h 00 et de 14 h 00 à 18 h 00
Fermé le samedi.

Entrée libre.
Visites guidées sur rendez-vous.


Musée des Troupes de Marine
Musée des Troupes de Marine

Pagoda Hong Hien


13, rue Henri Giraud
Tel./Fax. + 33 (0)4 94 44 72 61

Built in 1917 by the Indo-Chinese Infantrymen present in Fréjus at Camp Galliéni before their deployment, the Pagoda is a sacred place of worship, unique in the Var region.

Eté : 9 h 00 à 21 h 00
Hiver : 9 h 00 à 18 h 00
Entrée payante

Individuel 2,00 € par personne et 1 € par enfant de – de 9 ans.
Groupe à partir de 10 personnes 1,50 € par personne.

pagoda Hong Hien
Pagoda Hong Hien © Felix /