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Esterel Mountain

  • National Road 7 (Towards Cannes) – Fréjus

The mountainous area and the wide range of colours of the Esteral Mountains testify to its volcanic past. A genuine greenbelt, it serves as a natural refuge for wildlife. Many marked trails (hiking and biking) lined by a rich variety of Mediterranean trees, allow nature lovers to access and enjoy this remarkable area.

Cellule Animation Nature Randonnées Pédestres
Tél. + 33 (0)6 22 30 01 63

Vente de la carte O.N.F de l’Estérel à l’Office de Tourisme : 10 €

la nature en toute liberté l'esterel



  • Douaniers Trails

By taking the coastal footpath that borders the coast, you will discover in turn, large sandy beaches, small coves, whose still coarse sand testifies to their relative youth, and rocky coves.



  • Malpasset Dam

The dam Malpasset is accessible to hikers, confirmed or not. You may at the option of a walk, see the panorama and observe the devastation of the catastrophe of 1959.

Three tours are available:

  • Circuit 1 : Pleasant, this is the easiest; the dam is located 1km from the bar. Pass the barrier, 400 meters you will reach a fork, turn right at the foot of the dam.
    This circuit is relatively flat with some shaded areas, but you will encounter some rough passages; you must go to the end to see the remains of the entire dam.
  • Circuit 2 : You are at the Belvedere and would like to go to the foot of the dam; 50 meters past the earth platform you will see eucalyptus on your right and a little path lined with two blocks. It is a shortcut. Mind your way down!
    Continue along the road until the old county 37; left, Lake St. Cassian, turn right to the foot of the dam. You can if you wish, cross the dam wall and take the lower circuit to the bar.
  • Circuit 3 : Very nice! You can admire the eucalyptus, cistus, arbutus, immortal and pick thyme, savory and oregano (marjoram). At the Belvedere, continue a long the narrow road; you’ll come to a small crossroads with a green tank on the left are located, and a magnificient view over the circuit from the car park.
    Take the trail on the right, which goes down; keep up the old county 37, and turn right to the foot of the dam.
Sentier Malpasset
Barrage de Malpasset © Felix /


Parks and Gardens…

  • Parc Aurélien

Avenue du Général d’Armée Jean Calliès
Remains of the Roman Aqueduct, Villa Aurélienne, Flower Garden:
This beautiful 22-hectare wooded park protects a remarkable historical heritage.

This site is protected, thank you to respect it! Please respect it.
Picnic and V.T.T prohibited.

Open all year around.
From  September 15th to April 30th
From 8am to 7pm.
Every days
From May 1st to September 14th
From 7am to 10pm.
Every days.

  • Parc de la Villa Marie

447 Avenue Aristide Briand
This beautiful 2-hectare “French” garden is home to a large bourgeois mansion, now the town’s multimedia library.
Open all year around.
De 7 h 00 à 20 h 00
All days


  • Jardin du Clos de la Tour

Rue Gustave Bret
In this 6-hectare park, you can see the levelled remains of Roman houses, classified as “Historical Monuments” since 1981. Here was discovered the two-headed Hermes.

From  september 15th to  april 30th
From 8am to 7pm.
Every days.
From 1er may to 14 september
De 7 h 00 à 19 h 00
All days

  • Parc Areca

Avenue Alfred de Musset – Saint-Aygulf

An exotic beachfront paradise. Located at the entrance of Saint-Aygulf, the Aréca Park offers much wonder and beauty. Palm trees of various origins, a bamboo garden, an oak grove, a pine forest leading to a beautiful gazebo, a nature trail and an informative viewpoint all make this relaxing area a very unique place.

Open all year around.
From 1er may to 30 september 
De 8 h 00 à 20 h 00
All days
From 1er october au 30 april
De 8 h 00 à 18 h 00
All days

Closure in case of wind

Saint aygulf


Visit the gardens 

  • Établissement Kuentz – Le Monde des Cactus

327, rue du Général Brosset
Tél. + 33 (0)4 94 51 48 66 &  Tél. + 33 (0)4 94 95 49 31
Producer of cacti and succulent plants since 1907 and established in Fréjus since 1937, this one-hundred-year-old park presents the public with palm trees, bamboo, yucca plants, cacti, etc. and over 2,000m2 of greenhouses.
Open Tuesday to Saturday.
Closed in January and February.
Closed on public holidays.

  • M. Jacques Brion – Palm expert landscaper

Tél. + 33 (0)6 73 44 16 50