Quality Commitment

The quality approach of the Tourist Office


In 2002, as part of these initiatives, the Office of Tourism, Culture and Promotion of Fréjus obtained certification by AFNOR / AFAQ for the “RECEPTION AND INFORMATION OF TOURIST OFFICES AND VISITOR CENTRES” NF SERVICE standard and its 4-star ranking.


This recognition confirms compliance with the NF X 50-730 standard and NF 237 certification requirements. 
It guarantees that the reception, information, communication / advertising, production / marketing, creation and management of events, evaluation and improvement of the quality of the services provided by the Tourist Office are regularly checked by AFNOR – 11, rue Francis de Préssensé – 93571 LA PLAINE SAINT DENIS Cedex – France – www.marque-nf.com

In May 2008, the 4th audit conducted by AFNOR / AFAQ on the reception services confirmed its 4* ranking, placing Fréjus among the fifty 4* tourist offices in France.

The quality approach is rigorously applied in all areas related to welcoming visitors:

  • Access (signs for Tourist Office),
  • Arrival (handicap entrance, 

drop-off area, services, etc.),
  • Premises (air-conditioning, musical and scented environment, dining area, distribution of flyers and information, etc.),
  • Office tools (computers, internet access, copy machine, etc…)
  • Flyers and information (translated in 4 different languages, stock management, etc.)
  • Staff training (internally and externally),
  • Work methods (procedures specified in the “QUALITY” and “PROCEDURES” manuals)

  •  Customer satisfaction surveys recording and monitoring complaints,

In 2010, it will extend to all branches of the office.

Office’s commitment to quality :

  • We are glad to receive you, here
  • We take care of your environment
  • We do our best to understand an anticipate the needs of everyone
  • We give each person precise and clear information,
  • We treat every individual like our guest,
  • We would like each contact to be unique,
  • We do our best to satisfy everyone coming in our Tourist Office.


Organisation’s quality policy :


The Tourist office must define, adopt, implement and evaluate a quality policy. “One city, one concern: welcoming visitors. Fréjus focuses on making people smile » « The quality of our reception services guarantees your future » « A valuable welcome, an asset for Fréjus » « Office of smiles ». These four slogans, chosen for reception awareness raising campaigns led by the Tourist Office of Fréjus in 1992, 1994, 2000 and 2001 demonstrate the importance of this action in the organisation’s quality policy.

In 1988, 60,000 people visited the Tourist Office. In 2009, over 194,000 people were recorded in different visitor centres. The team has grown from 6 to 20 people in past 15 years. The number of visitors has more than tripled while the constant evolution of customer expectations and the competitions from other areas are all factors that have led the Tourist Office to focus its efforts on: adapting its premises, implementing a new organisational approach by acquiring new tools and applying new work methods, and staff training for the sole purpose of achieving the maximum level of quality. Before launching the standardisation strategy, the Tourist Office has called on the assistance of a specialised company to carry out an internal audit in first quarter of 2001.

The first results of this assessment have allowed the organisation to take note of the negative and positive aspects of how reception services work, in terms of both human and material resources. This assessment was not, however, limited to the reception services, but also inspected the working relationship between the various departments such as reception, administrative offices and the communication and events department. 
 Therefore, this assessment on the working of the organisation was opened to the entire team during a 1-day seminar, which allowed everyone, starting from the established diagnosis, to understand the importance given to this quality approach in order to achieve the required standards, essential for the sustainability of the Tourist Office.

Indeed, the welcome of a Tourist Office should not be limited to just the contact with the visitor in the area provided for this purpose. Whether it is a phone call asking for administrative details, a question during an event, a guided tour or a meeting at a sales booth, the same quality should be offered to the public.


Thus, the quality policy undertaken by the “Reception” department has always been carried out by the entire Tourist Office team, to offer everyone, both staff and visitors included, a pleasant experience in the Tourist Office. This objective was completed in 2010 by standardising all services.

Management’s commitment 

When talking about attracting new markets, customer loyalty, competitive environment, profitability, the only criteria that can allow a destination like Fréjus to stand out from the rest is to meet the level of quality required by visitors, who must first be considered as “customers”, and to satisfy their requests whether they be implied, openly expressed or anticipated. Following the guidelines of the standards on a daily basis should allow the Tourist Office to move from a “quality on display” status to an “applied quality” status. Management’s efforts, supported by the entire staff, target the highest level of customer satisfaction in compliance with the standards.


The Quality Manual, illustrating the will and the result of teamwork, identifies not only the knowledge but also the “social skills” of each person in his or her area of expertise within the Tourist Office, as part of their public service mission. It is a tool available to everyone that requires ongoing vigilance and encourages people to reach the highest level of quality. The maximum level of quality, set at 100%, is accompanied by a tolerance of 75% during peak periods, such as special events or holiday seasons. No measure of customer satisfaction should fall below this level of tolerance. 

The Procedure Manual completes the Quality Manual: it lists and perfectly codifies every act occurring within the Tourist Office according to the standards. 

Implementing, regularly applying and rigorously developing the guidelines of the standards; Focusing on the highest level of quality; 

Extending the quality approach to the entire organisation; These are the objectives that I am committed to putting in place for the satisfaction of our visitors. 

I am making Mr Damien COURT responsible for implementing this approach as well as elaborating and developing the “Quality Manual” and “Procedure Manual”. Signed in Fréjus, on

Nathalie Courrèges Manager

Quality objectives Environmental Management

Moving to the new site allowed the Tourist Office to strengthen its support for actions in favour of sustainable development. 

In addition to planning the themes of certain events such as the “PLANT FESTIVAL” around sustainable development (2008 and 2010 editions), the “protection of nature” (2009 edition), this commitment is also reflected internally by different initiatives. This approach is applied on a daily basis to become, over time, an attitude. The management of resources, in-house communication via e-mail to limit phone usage and encouraging people to reduce paper consumption, programming computers to go to sleep when not in use, raising public awareness of nature (local products, herbal tea workshop, etc.) through activities in the reception area

, equipping offices with heating / air conditioning setting them to 19°C.


The management of communication media

Since 2006, the Tourist Office has been part of a paper management program:
 using recycled paper for documents created for the reception department, communicating internally via e-mail to limit handwritten notes, using mass e-mailing when necessary instead of letters, recycling paper, promoting the www.frejus.fr website through communication tools created by the Tourist Office, available for download on the website, redesigning documents to complement editions: Restaurant Guide / Events, Seasonal Rentals / Trails including the Aurélienne Way or “Par ici la sortie” cultural handbook, which replace flyers for certain events. Finally, in the bid for marketing material on behalf of the Tourist Office, a more eco-friendly approach was required by printers in one of the clauses.



In 2010, the Tourist Office laid the foundation for an awareness campaign, with the first two steps addressing an eco-citizen attitude : “BEING AN ECO-CITIZEN ON HOLIDAY IS EASY!”


The establishment of a ‘Quality Plan Station “

The implementation of a quality approach has become the spearhead of tourism operators, whether public or private, in their communication strategy.
The need for such an approach is necessary today in view of the various reports in the national press about the lack of image suffered the Var department.
During the “MEETINGS OF TOURISM 2005,” after the presentation of the study “FRÉJUS IS +” conducted among 400 prospects surveyed by the Brigades Home throughout the summer season 2005, Tourist Office has proposed to initiate a dynamic around quality whose final objective is the establishment of a MAP qUALITY STATION taking into account all at once specific local and national requirements of the Plan Qualité France.

Fréjusiens of professionals have obtained in their respective areas of activity, certifications.
Others are in the process of labeling.
Still others wish to engage in a process but facing the multiplicity of labels, their technical and financial constraints, are reluctant to take the plunge.

Led by representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Var targeted meetings by type of accommodation allowed participants to share experience fréjusiens professionals who enrolled in grades better understand the approaches and actions taken up by the department “Tourism” of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Var through accompanying measures and upgrading their qualifications clubs.

The quality of the welcome, the quality of service and best value are the assets that will enable the Office, from the MAP QUALITY STATION, Fréjus out of its competing destinations.
Will not only target the tourism industry.
This action will also extend, after the accommodation professionals, population, merchants, activity providers, public institutions and children because, as mentioned on a previous awareness campaign, “The quality of our welcome, it is the guarantee of our future. “

Reception at the Tourist Office

On 1 April 2008, the Tourist Office of Fréjus moved to a new office, located at Florus 2, 249, rue Jean Jaurès.

 This location, 20 metres after the old office, kept its vocation of welcoming visitors in the Historic Heart of Fréjus, near major monuments and the entrance to the Historic Heart. Although the building was not originally designed to accommodate the organisation, the developments and the new organisation established in advance and upon confirmation of the relocation project, took all requirements into account. They were all successfully adapted to the new location even though the building made applying these changes difficult. Visitor centres (Town Hall Annex of Fréjus-Beach and Municipal and Cultural Area of Port-Fréjus) that welcome visitors in very touristy areas Welcome Brigades (in July and August) who go and meet holiday makers in their accommodation facilities and the Tourist Office of Saint-Aygulf complete, given the importance of the area, the system for welcoming visitors set up by the City of Frejus.

Open all year around

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Pour contacter l’Office de Tourisme :

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