“Troupes coloniales” (Colonial Troops) in Fréjus

pagoda Hong Hien
Mosquée Missiri
Musée des Troupes de MArine

The tour

Hong Hien Pagoda (an additional €1.50 per person for admission to the Pagoda), Le Tata ( “Missiri Mosque”), Colonial background for Troupes de Marine Museum.

The program

January to June and September to December   Wednesdays - at 2:30pm
July and August  Wednesdays – at 5pm

Thematic & Description

In 1915, The City of Fréjus welcomes the first contingents of the “troupes coloniales” (colonial troops): Africans, Madagascans, Indo-Chinese. Tour on the history and heritage of these troupes coloniales.

Further information

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Car required

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