Fréjus, ville romaine « La Pompei Provençale »

extérieur ville
Lanterne d'Auguste
Porte des Gaules
visite guidée pompei
visite guidée pompei

The tour

Philippe Léotard Roman Theatre, Gate of Rome, aqueduct, Gate of Gaul, Amphitheatre, Roman Port

The program

January to June and September to December   Tuesdays – at 14 h 30
July and August                                                                Tuesdays – at 5pm


Thematic & Description

“Forum Iulii” was most probably created in 49 BC by Julius Caesar. It became Préfecture Maritime under the Empire and was developed by Emperor Augustus who built its naval base. Today, it has the largest collection of various Roman monuments in all of France.

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Further information

Les visites commentées 2016

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