Fréjus, 2000 years of history in French

Porte des Gaules
visite guidée 2000 ans d'histoire

The tour

Saint-Léonce Cathedral, Amphitheatre, Chapel of Francis of Paola, Historic Town Centre, Gate of Gaul

The program

January to June and September to December            Mondays – at 2:30pm
School holidays (all zones) except July and August  Mondays - at 2:30pm
July and August    Mondays – at 5pm

Thematic & Description

An important port of the Roman Empire and the episcopal see since the end of ancient times, Fréjus has 2,000 years of history just waiting to be discovered through the infinite diversity of its major monuments, legacies of each passing era.

Les visites commentées 2016

Further information

Les visites commentées 2016

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