Fréjus Arenas

Live Music at the Fréjus Arenas! Once again, this summer, the roman amphitheatre becomes THE ARENAS OF FRÉJUS, a mythical place where great concerts give Fréjus its fame.

Visite guidée marché à la provençale

Guided Tour “Provençal” Market

A walk through the market amongst all the regional products that make up delicious Provençal cuisine while finally finding all the necessary ingredients (recipes, great places, etc.) to create your own Provençal menu.

rétro auto forum

The Retro Automobile Forum

Zoom on…Le Rétro Auto Forum, an event for and by enthusiasts Rétro Auto Forum is an exhibition-presentation and vintage vehicle exchange that takes place every year at the Base Nature François Léotard – Espace Caquot in Fréjus


The Bravade

Zoom on… La Bravade, a traditional event not to be missed Traditional festival celebrated in the streets of the old town to the sound of fifes and drums. Fréjus in 2002 celebrated the 50th anniversary of the resumption of bravado.

Fête des plantes

Plants festival

Zoom on… Plants Festival. To celebrate the arrival of spring ! April – Aurélien Park The entrance to the “Plant Festival” pays and costs 3 € and free for children under 12 years. Every year sees the return spring in […]